Lesson 65 – My only function is the one God gave me.

Keys to this Lesson

Today we reaffirm our commitment to salvation.
That is our function.
There are two phases to our acceptance of salvation:
        1. We recognize that salvation is our function.
        2. We let go of all other goals that we have set aside for ourselves.

By accepting this we can truly mean that our only function is the one God has given us.
This function will alone bring us peace of mind.

The lesson today helps us to relieve ourselves of all the things that we think are difficult in our everyday lives.
We now have the key to peace, it’s in our hands and it is time that we use it.

Today and for several days – set aside 10-15 minutes for a sustained practice.
In this longer practice you will try to understand what the idea really means.
Make this  extended period at the approximate same time each day.
Schedule this time into your day so that you are giving God your utmost priority.
We need this discipline so be sure to set that time aside.

In this longer period, review the idea:
My only function is the one God gave me.

Close your eyes, repeat it to yourself again and then watch your mind for thoughts that come into the mind.
Allow these thoughts to arise whether they relate to the idea or not.
Note each thought, do not become attached to the thought.

Just tell yourself:
This thought reflects a goal that is preventing me from accepting my only function.

After some time interfering thoughts may dissipate.
Continue though for a minute or two longer.
Catch those last few remaining thoughts.
Do not strain yourself.

Tell yourself:
On this clean slate let my true function be written for me.

These exact words are not important but something similar will work.

Repeat the idea then once more:
My only function is the one God gave me.

Devote the rest of the time to focusing on the importance of this thought to you.

Shorter practice periods are to be done at once an hour.

Use the following:
My only function is the one God gave me. I want no other and I have no other.

Do some of these with your eyes closed and some others with the eyes open looking around you.


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