Lesson 64 – Let me not forget my function

Keys to this Lesson

Jesus relates today’s lesson of another way of saying:
Let me not wander into temptation.

Let us remember that the world that we see around us is keeping us from knowing the truth about us.
It keeps us from our job, our function of forgiveness.
This has all been a temptation to abandon God.
We did this by the physical world, this physical body.

Everything we see with these yes is a temptation to keep the distance between God and us.
Holy Spirit can help us with these illusions that we have made.
He can help us to learn to forgive ourselves for what we thought we have done.
That is the separation from God.
With the Holy Spirit’s help we can see now that this world can help us instead of hinder us by recognizing it as a tool for saving ourselves.

We are the light of the world and that is our function.
God gave us this function.
The ego may question this, but do not listen to what it says to you.
Stay focused on the fact that you are God’s Son and you are simply to be happy.
The way to be happy is to forgive.

Morning and evening and throughout the day.
Do at least one practice for 10-15 minutes.
Do this with closed eyes.
Allow related thoughts to come to mind about your function.

Use these thoughts for your practice:
Let me not forget my function.
Let me not try to substitute mine for God’s.
Let me forgive and be happy.

Prepare for decisions you will make today by remembering that decisions are very simple.
The decision is between happiness and unhappiness.
Don’t be concerned of form and what it has to do with content.
The one simple choice, for happiness, is the only choice there is.
The only choice that the Holy Spirit sees and helps you with.

Frequent applications
Devote several minutes and review the above thoughts.
Think about them and nothing else.
If you need help with concentration, you can repeat:
Let me not forget my function.

2 shorter practices also required.
Do with eyes closed and concentrate on the thoughts you are using.
At other times keep eyes open after reviewing the thoughts.
Then, look around, slowly, unselectively and tell yourself:
This is the world it is my function to save.


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