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I believe everyone has seen the notices Rev. Deb has sent forth about the April retreat coming up.

As a board member for a number of years now, I am very much aware of the focus/purpose this go-around has on being meditative, peaceful, self-reflective throughout the weekend.

The plans Rev. Deb and her team have made have been established to assure that whomever participates will have plenty of opportunities to use whatever their spiritual practices may be, ACIM among them, and enhance, deepen and enrich them with the activities they will offer.  (It is not ACIM-specific is what I am meaning to communicate.)

Rev. Deb and Rev. Paul’s middle daughter is an art therapist with a Master’s degree from Naropa University.  If you’re interested, check out what is taught at this unbelievable educational institution, so impressive and extensive is their curriculum.  She will be providing her expertise as among the highlights of this weekend.

Rev. Deb has a variety of healing, soothing, nurturing and restorative modalities that includes her singing bowls, unbelievable, Yoga, meditation among others.

Rev. Paul will offer workshops on becoming more aware of our connection with God/spirit/whatever one may call a higher power and share what has worked for him.

I am not sure if I am doing a particularly adequate job of promoting this lovingly planned event, however, I know for sure that their intent is to share what they have been applying to their own lives with dedication and a deep willingness and desire to share their learning and wisdom with participants.

Please check out the entire package.  The meals are yummy, BTW, and one’s preferences can easily be accommodated.

Finally, given the location, offerings, meals being included, etc., this retreat is very reasonable in price compared to others about which many of us are aware.

I highly and wholeheartedly recommend your exploring it!

Much love,



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