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Last night in our Thursday class, I shared that when I label anything, I make it good or bad, true or false, acceptable or not acceptable.  It is my judgment through labeling that makes it so whenever I am aligned with ego.

The other day, it was bitterly cold, wind chill drove the temperature down to below zero.  I take Gracie to a park nearby that enables dog owners to lovingly release their small and/or large dogs into two very spacious enclosures so they can run like the wind and they do!

Anyhow, little Gracie stubbornly insisted on going farther than her little legs could carry her plus she had begun to shiver after about 20 to 25 minutes of walking on ice-encrusted snow in the bitter cold.  She had a warm wool sweater on too and I had encumbered myself with a lightweight down jacket under a down coat, mid-length, scarf, mittens, the whole enchilada.

I ended up carrying her for what felt like a country mile back to my car, finally got to it, it felt like an eternity, honestly, and after starting the car, realized it was my LABELING the exercise that caused stress.

Oh my goodness, it was SUCH an EPIPHANY for me, it truly was.

For me, becoming more aware of my labeling, categorizing, classifying, dividing, dissecting, etc., helps me to understand how easily I do this on an unconscious basis.  I had labeled the weather to victimize me with its brutal temperature and wind, thereby inconveniencing my dog and me and CAUSING us misery in being just way too cold.

OMG!  Such an awareness for me, plus, BTW, it provides rich drama for my sharing with friends and family too.  SO, this drama I made is perpetuated and the ego is so very tickled I have fallen into its trap once again.

Today I practice forgiveness throughout the day.  Jesus isn’t precluding my forgiving my labeling, now is He?  I can apply this lesson to anything in my life, not just my perception of others’ sins which  I use in my practice periods, but, also, my own beliefs that drive my attitude and behavior.  My needing to put everything I experience in a neat little gift box so I feel safe, comfortable, secure is obstructing my ability to move forward in peace.

Also, as a national emergency may be declared today, as many of you know, I will apply this lesson to all the political happenings and players in our country….as many practice periods as it may take to experience some modicum of peace.

Ah, peace, its deliciousness, richness, fullness, wholeness and completeness.

Of course, I will forgive and when I falter, I will ask for help in forgiving myself for my fear of God and His Love.

Love to all,


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