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Cause and effect, content and form, inner and outer, all the same.  ACIM teaches all of us that the world causes nothing, that’s ego; we can always choose again, cause/content/inner and experience peace as the effect/form/outer.

The challenge is, for all of us, is continually choosing the strength of God each and every moment, enabling us to experience the Vision of God as His gift, without quickly descending into the ego’s “world” of attack/defend/vengeance and projection in all its deadly and destructive forms.

For me, the lesson is about acceptance.  Also, so much hope as Jesus states in the very first paragraph, “explains why you cannot fail in your efforts to achieve the goal of the course.”  At the lesson’s end, He references ACIM as a unified thought system where there are no contradictions, no irrelevant passages.

Again for me, every lesson speaks to specialness versus holiness.  The more immersed I get into the Course, the more devoted I am to living my life practicing it as my singular priority, the more peace I experience, I become increasingly aware of all the games I have played, the lack of self-awareness I have had, the manipulation I have been “guilty” of in the name of specialness, separate interests, special love, special hate, all expressions of separation, the ego’s “stick”.

It has been so easy for me to see the ego play itself out in others, especially Bill, without my realizing what I have seen in him/them is nothing but what I have first seen and condemned within myself.  I only see “my” sins, if you will, in another, and until I choose to accept the Atonement and forgive my projections, I will stay stuck and miserable.

This past weekend, we celebrated Bill’s birthday.  It was probably the loveliest of all 45 we have shared as a married couple.  Why?  Because, alas, I have placed, on a continuous basis, my special relationship with him on the altar and, low and behold, the Holy Spirit/Jesus is transforming it into a Holy one and I have had to do nothing but relinquish it to Him.

As the most challenging among all my relationships, I am so very heartened by the power of Love, the power of strength, the power of Vision as I make living the Course my only goal.

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