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Will share some excerpts from Ken’s book this morning I found helpful, my prayer is you do too!:

“You need to learn you were wrong, and that you know want to be a happy learner who is happy to be wrong, not happy because you have proven yourself to be right (T-29.VII.1:9).  This is an idea that cannot be cited often enough.  If you have an investment in being right, you will never be happy.  The only way you can be truly right is to know that God is with you wherever you go, which means that everything the ego has taught you is a lie.  You did not separate from God because you could not.”

I still need to be right at times, still am convinced I am right, oh dear, however, I am more willing to become aware of this need so I may relinquish it and truly be willing to be wrong.  “Do I want to be right or happy?”

In speaking to paragraph 4, Ken writes:

“One more point before we move on:  If we were to accept as true the beautiful statements in the above paragraph, our guilt would have nowhere to go except to remain within our minds, where the ego told us waits our certain death at the hands of a vengeful god, hell-bent on our destruction.  Our projected suffering and unhappiness without protects this terrible thought within.  It is this need to protect ourselves that provides the resistance to acceptance of Jesus’ comforting words.”

I acknowledge my resistance, I own it and I ask for help in releasing this fear of losing my individuality and identity.  If I resist any lesson, it is because I am still attached to the idols that I have, apparently, believed will save me from God’s vengeance for our having separated from Him.  It is all so silly, however, at the deepest unconscious level, we believe we abandoned Him, have turned it around and have convinced ourselves He’s out to get us.  If we project our unloving thoughts onto others, well then, maybe He’ll get those others first and spare me.  AGAIN, so silly, so preposterous and yet we have all bought it or we wouldn’t be “here”.

Finally, he references the theme of laughing, not taking it all so seriously:

“This is only possible when we have brought our fear thoughts to the Love of God that is remembered for us by the Holy Spirit.  Without this process of bringing the illusions to the truth, our laughter will be superficial at best, and derisive and judgmental at worst.  The Holy Spirit’s laughter is born of the gentle smile that knows the difference between appearance and reality, illusion and truth, separation and Atonement.  In Lesson 187 Jesus makes the seemingly outrageous statement that you could look at the pain, suffering, and starvation in the world and laugh at it.  You will laugh at suffering, not because you are making fun of people, but because, having joined with the Holy Spirit in your right mind, you will know it is not true – it has no power to take the peace and Love of God away from you.”

Well, I can learn to laugh, I can learn to not take life so darned seriously, I can learn to not take myself so seriously.  Yes, I can.

I will practice this lesson today.  I will ask for help in healing my belief that I am unworthy to experience the effects of practicing this magnificent teaching today.

From Lessons 35 up to that of today, if I feel unworthy, I am reminded that my mind is part of God’s, I am very holy (35).  To continue; my holiness envelops everything I see (36), this sense of unworthiness as well; it blesses the world (37), everything I have placed within it in my dream; there is nothing it cannot do (38), and that includes transforming all feelings/attachment to unworthiness; it is my salvation (39) from all feelings of inadequacy and insecurity and, finally; because I am blessed as a Son of God (40); I can be willing to learn, to ask for help in believing that God’s presence is within me throughout the day, that God goes with me wherever I go (41).

Have a lovely Sunday!




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