Good morning!

Yesterday’s lesson I just love, it is among my favorites although to state this is a bit absurd as I have too many to count!

I carefully watched the adjectives I used to describe my feelings and thoughts, those that predominated were, I see myself as nervous, I see myself as highly anxious, I see myself as overwhelmed.

Mondays can often be challenging as I am aware of what I want to accomplish throughout the week, normally it is an ego-driven agenda, if you will, as I still delude myself into believing that if I achieve it in its entirety, I will finally be happy.  This has never worked, but I still seek and do not find.

Yesterday, as we all know, we focused on HOW we perceive ourselves and then we were lovingly reminded we are NOTHING but HOLY as our minds are part of God’s, WOW!

Today, we focus on perceiving everything through the eyes of holiness because we are, at long last, keenly aware of what we think about ourselves within our minds, we shall see out there in the world.

Ken Wapnick states that everything we see on an external basis is a picture, a photograph, of what we have first observed or thought within.  If we are perceiving all things out there as either love or a call for it, well then, we are thinking/perceiving/seeing with the Holy Spirit.  In other words, we are not immersed in the ego’s dedication to judgment of everything and everyone.

We are at cause, what we see are the effects, not the reverse.

This means no one, nothing can make me sad or glad or enraged or elated or deflated, no one, nothing can do that!

It is always my choice.

I have belabored my saga from last week enough, for goodness’ sake, however, it is very clear to be I chose to see nothing but conflict, chaos and confusion.  I made that choice.

NOW, if I am sinless because there are ONLY two choices, ego or Holy Spirit, sin or sinlessness, I can choose to accept the Atonement and the healing power of forgiveness, remembering always that nothing happened, everything we think or believe is happening, never did.  It just couldn’t because we are part of God’s mind where there is nothing but holiness, wholeness, Oneness and sinlessness.  As another participant wrote yesterday, “I made a mistake, I am NOT a mistake”, think I got that correctly!

One more comment on “protect your protection”, according to Wapnick in his book to which I refer all the time:

“In a larger sense, our protection is the Presence of the Holy Spirit or Jesus.  We have seen the parallel between this and what Jesus refers to in the text as the third lesson of the Holy Spirit: “Be vigilant only for God and His Kingdom”: (T-6, V-C).  This means to be vigilant against our decision to choose the ego thought system.  To “protect your protection” requires that we be vigilant to what we are perceiving.  If I want to know what I think about myself and God, all I need do is devote one moment to what I think about you.  This is because my thoughts about you – whoever the object of my specialness is at any given moment – will directly reflect how I think about God and myself.  That is the meaning of “protecting your protection,” carried out under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.”

If I am entrenched in the ego’s thought system, I am attacking God, I am separated from Him and all my brothers.

Think I will protect the protection today by being vigilant only for God and His Kingdom.

Much love,



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