In practicing today’s lesson(s), I first took a look at #26 – My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability. Have I not in the past seen myself under constant attack? Whether it be other people and their lies, to my health, to conjuring up my past, or to opinions of news stories, I could if I wanted to feel a victim pretty much 100% of the time. There were times I did so. Depression at one time (or a few times) in my life gripped me in the icy darkness only desiring my demise. That are what attack thoughts make for us an isolation chamber of hell.

Yet, I pay attention to the additional review lessons, and it is these thoughts that set me free then, and anytime now I feel that throb of fear begin to beat in my chest. “Above all else I want to see” is the mantra to claim my sanity back. This and the following lesson both have saved my mind. I know I do not wish to chain myself in bitterness and judgment dragging those chains behind me and into every moment and every interaction. I have known people like this and their sweet disguise portrayed to the world to shield the darkness of the mind. I would rather be free and allow my honesty and authenticity to show.

Yes, I make mistakes, I have judged, I have ego thoughts and fear and such. Yet, I do not let them run the show. I admit that they are fear and move on and into the Light behind it all. The Light of Truth that tells me I am as God created me. I am that Love, Light, and Peace, no matter what my mind or anyone else’s mind for that matter says. I have not left His Thoughts. I am one with Him and He with me and this what I will hold in my Heart.

With Love,

Rev. Deb

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