I recall being in a conversation recently when the name of someone who had personally “attacked” me some time ago became the subject of the discussion. At first, I was at peace, but ever so slightly I felt the twinge of judgment begin to rise in my chest. As I felt this, I asked the other person if we could stop and do a little prayer. This was my determination to see things differently (one of the lessons we are reviewing today).

I invited the Holy Spirit to be with us as we created a healing circle. In this healing circle we envisioned the light beginning in us and extending outward allowing the circle to become vast and brilliant in its Light. In the circle I placed this person and another whom I felt had hurt me. I offered only blessing, forgiveness and healing. By stopping the instant I felt the twinge within my being and joining with what is Trust, I immediately began to feel more serene and calm.

When we allow ourselves to follow the ego’s trail of blame and judgment, then we will always be in pain and turmoil. I know for me I practice this as much as possible. I practice that is being self-aware to what is in my mind and accept responsibility. Sure there are times I let my mind get out of hand. But then, I forgive myself and move forward. I am willing to take the small step back so the light in me can step forward.


Rev. Deb

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