It’s everyday occurrences where the vigilance needs to be so I may learn trust in God. In recent situations, those initial feelings I had that rose to the surface really ran the whole gamut of every emotion imaginable. Yet here is today’s lesson, proud and strong, teaching me to not rely on my own strength. How perfect it i!

If I place my trust in my own strength well no wonder why I have fear, anxiety, and everything in between, right? That’s what Jesus says here! So a few deep breaths after the initial shock, inhale and exhale, and I am regrounded. God is my safety. If I slow myself down and listen to His Voice, I will be comforted and know I am not alone in my challenges.

When we are told to practice this and we do, the emotions and thoughts begin to simmer down and quiet as we are in the presence of the Holy Spirit. I imagined today a beautifully lit candle in my mind with which to place my focus. It gave me the encouragement to know the light is within me and I can trust God completely in my life.

And so I repeat again, “God is the strength in which I trust.”


Rev. Deb

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