As we practice this lesson we see we are not separate from anyone or anything. It is when we believe that we are separate that we feel out of sorts and alone. We are not apart from God, very simply, you are One with Him. Be sure you continue to tell yourself this today.

I know I do. Here I am with another cold virus, after a weekend of a stomach virus and a migraine. I feel like I can’t catch a break! I compare myself to last winter in which I never became ill at all. Yet the body will do what the body will do in this world. I have to change my mind about the body and the world.

I remember God is my Source and not the body, the world, nor the ego. I cannot see apart from God. I forgive with the eyes of forgiveness and move on. I do not dwell on the situation. Even though, I want to complain about how I feel physically, the snow that keeps coming down outside, the fact I need to go out and clear the several inches of snow while Paul is flying all day today. And so forth.

I am blessed. I am God’s Son.

Again, the world around us is not our Source. We may see it with the body’s eyes, but it is not our Source. What we see with the eyes hides our Source. Breathe deeply as you close your eyes as you connect in Love with Your Source and allow the vision of forgiveness and blessing be the gift to all.

The ego will try to tell you to keep your distance. It will sneak in ever so subtly that you may not even realize. You watch the news, read a magazine, stand in line at a store, read an email from a friend, or listen to another person as you converse, all the ego needs is you dropping your guard. As soon as an unwelcome thought of judgment arises, “God is my Source. I cannot see you/this apart from Him.”

In this you will succeed beyond measure. You are loved.

Rev. Deb

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