As I sit down to write and record today’s lesson podcast, it is after a profound meditation. I recall that the aim of the Course is not to change the world but to change my mind about it. That means that the healing of my mind is all that the world is for. Every situation, every thought, and everything I see is another opportunity to do so.

So in taking today’s lesson, “There is nothing my holiness cannot do” as stated, i.e. searching my mind for any sense of loss or unhappiness of any kind as I see it, I practiced this first with someone I long knew. I felt within my heart to perceive them in a new light. My deep desire was for my holiness to flow from my heart and into theirs. Of course I don’t know what the outcome will be when the dust settles, but I do want the outcome placed in God’s Hands and not my own.

When I focus on my holiness, and others’ along with no extraneous unneeded additions, the anger or whatever emotion may be present disintegrates and the trust returns and prevails. It is the trust in the holiness I am. The trust in God as He created me to be.

I ,and we all have situations in our lives that take us off of our center if peace for even just a little. There is no judgment to be had when this materializes. It is emphasized today that “I am holy.” Everything that God has created is holy. In practicing today, I am applying this power of holiness to all that crosses my mind.

When I embrace my holiness and stand in my power that lies within my being, what else is there to think, to see, or to believe?

It’s easy to compare ourselves with others and their journey or even yourself at another time. All is ascending to the surface for our healing. We assume we do not want the “shit” to be stirred up, but in fact, we do want this manure to surface, it gives us fertilizer in which to live this Course. Otherwise, we practice it intellectually. We want to question every value we hold and we want to heal our minds. Keeping the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings buried will not serve us.

How I feel at the moment is how I feel. If I forget the truth, I remember as soon as I do. It’s not perfection we are seeking, especially with the lessons. If we could do the lessons perfectly then they wouldn’t be here for us to practice. It is a “practice.” The lessons are supposed to bring thoughts out of the cobwebs in our minds so we can see that we have had hidden attack thoughts and we can let the light shine on and on.

Be gentle and love yourself. Bless yourself with the holiness of Who You Are. You are WORTHY!

Rev. Deb

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