I am holy. We are all holy. We are sinless. To focus on the past mistakes and that which I feel guilty, even slightly guilty, is not seeing what God sees. I have reminded myself numerous times already this morning as I thought about the freezing rain possibly canceling tonight and tomorrow night’s classes at my studio and the implications; the workload ahead of me today; the happiness I felt from last night’s meditation class and the enthusiasm from the students; the mind healing on a lost past issue that took place just before falling to sleep last night; the current state of affairs in this country, and so on do the thoughts go. This includes as this lesson states all that is in front of me, the computer, the coffee cup, etc.

When I extend my holiness to all, i.e. people, places and things, all is surrounded by the Light and Love of God. All opinions and judgments melt away. It brings serenity to my mind in knowing this.

We have to practice this first as written by seeing that all that we see “my holiness” is enveloping it. I also surrounded my thoughts, my judgments and all as I stated above with the same. We can’t fool ourselves that we do not have these thoughts, because we do, they creep in so slightly that we seem to not notice. But my friends, they are there. They will occur. Just because we are studying this Course does not mean that the ego stops speaking. Ken Wapnick told us as such. The ego and Holy Spirit vie for our attention. We bend our ear more frequently, we hope with our practice, to the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

No excuses once again today, your holiness envelops every single thing.

Rev. Deb

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