Sometimes it seems difficult to believe that “there is another way of looking at this.” Other times it is easy as our hearts are open.

Isn’t that the key, that our hearts and minds are open?

With our hearts open, we realize we don’t like what we see or experience and are willing to allow love in its place.

This comes to me in various circumstances. A younger person I was mentoring stopped communication. I can unknowingly reach into my past and previous relationships with individuals and believe I know the back story on why communication has stopped.

An injury to my arm and hand that has arisen with pain, once again, I can reach into my default mode of research and resources and believe I have diagnosed the problem and up to the point that I believe I need surgery!

A mind that has lost confidence in a few areas of my life. I compare to past situations and believe I know what is underneath.

How about “there is another way of looking at this” and resting here.

And I do, I sit quietly closing my eyes and repeat this as a mantra. Jesus knows what he is doing and so I trust him.




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