Hi everyone,

I was up early.  Read the lesson last night and again this morning as I waited for our coffee to brew.

I am actually very touched by the lessons’ review.

Lesson 36’s review:  I forgive, I release guilt buried deeply below the surface of my mind and I accept my innocence as the truth about me.  Without guilt, I picture myself as whole, complete and loved and can easily see only this “out there”.

37:  When I allow the above to take place, when I allow Jesus/HS to accomplish the undoing, I feel joy and share it.  The Sonship benefits.

38:  I am but releasing illusions, those “false ideas about myself”.  “All idols vanish”.  Say what, they vanish, I don’t have to struggle to overcome them?

39:  How can I be afraid if I accept my holiness, my sinlessness, my guiltlessness?  I share my fearlessness and when any “seeming” fragment is ready to accept his/her holiness, my having accepted my holiness has paved the way for this metamorphosis.

40:  For me, this lesson is as a prayer.  “My Father supports me, protects me, and directs me in all things.” 

I often get up in the morning filled with thoughts of the past, they are, much of the time, very painful.  Things I did or said as a young adult, as a wife, sister, daughter, friend, professional, etc.  Ego does as ego does, it loves to bring up those memories that cause me to cringe in disgust, shame, embarrassment and deep-seated remorse and regret.

Sometimes I feel as though I can never extricate myself from this darkness.  Why?  Because I am listening to ego’s voice that tells me it is hopeless, futile and too late.

Today’s review is filled with hope.  Jesus tells us our holiness is what we experience when we practice the Course. We choose, we decide, we take responsibility for everything we see.  We decide pain is no longer an option, we decide to release the thoughts that imprison us, we allow Jesus/HS to undo.

When I spoke to my relationship with Bill yesterday, I do not kid myself.  Ego emerges, I go into judgment, I choose differently, I experience peace. 

In the text, Jesus states we are choosing between crucifixion and resurrection every moment in every hour in every day, etc.

Vigilance, vigilance, vigilance. 

Ah, and then comes holiness, holiness, holiness.

Have a lovely day!

Love to all,


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