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I was thinking about the first 15 lessons, I just didn’t realize seven among them speak to meaninglessness.  So interesting.  You know, “These thoughts are meaningless” and “My thoughts are meaningless followed by the five lessons we review today.

I have chosen to see a meaningless world because thoughts I do not think with God are…meaningless.  If I am in the ego thought system, anything, everything I think is meaningless and everything I think I see is also meaningless.  Whew!

How can a meaningless world not upset me as I think I see nothing but chaos and lawlessness?  Just look at the political arena or some of the other headlines including an Empire actor who allegedly staged a hate crime to get more money in his contract, we’ll see how that plays out.  Sure, it seems, it all seems to be real, doesn’t it?   We don’t have to invest any energy in believing any of it because it’s all made up, all of it.

How can a meaningless world that I made up not engender fear when the ego in of itself propagates fear, encourages it, feeds off of it?  It wants its preservation, period, so the more time and energy we invest in the meaningless which is EVERYTHING….chances are we’ll never change our minds to think with God.

Ah, and my favorite among the five.  Thank God that God did not create this “mess” of a world.  I love “Why should I continue to suffer from the effects of my own insane thoughts, when the perfection of creation is my home?  Let me remember the power of my decision, and recognize where I really abide.”

Finally, all my thoughts, unless I think and “see” with God are but mere images I have made.  “The fact that I see a world in which there is suffering and loss and death shows me that I am seeing only the representation of my insane thoughts, and am not allowing my real thoughts to cast their beneficent light on what I see.”  Love that.

OK, to apply this to D. and the B. family, quickly so this isn’t a book.

D., when confronted with the very stringent and no-nonsense state laws relative to aggravated DWI charges, etc., alleged his brothers were satanic and had abandoned him, that no one understood what a “victim” he was of his life overall and all the different forms in which he found himself, childhood, adolescence, marriage, jobs, etc.

This is what we all do in some form or another, certainly not so emotionally “violent”, if you will, but it certainly has felt that way this week so strongly and fervently is D. mired in defense and attack. When we resist help, when we want to be right, when we do not wish to choose another way, when we never examine the beliefs that underlie how and what we see, we are unconsciously resisting God.  We feel “sinful” for separating from God, we feel horribly guilty and we fear retribution from Him…so we become His victims and will resist any Help in any form that would resolve the chaos we made.  I see this playing out with the B. family.

I have no idea how D.’s case will be adjudicated.  He could go to jail, have his license revoked for a year, pay a hefty fine, etc., who knows?

But I can exercise my power to choose, to decide with the Holy Spirit or Jesus and see with the Vision of God through them.  I can rise above the battleground and recognize at the deepest level that fear, in all its forms, causes chaos in all its twisted forms of confusion, lack of clarity and, most importantly, any hope of any meaningful communication or, optimally, communion.

No, may I be a light in the darkness as I continue to pray, forgive the images I have made that keep me stuck in the drama and bless all involved.

Yes, pray, forgive, bless…and heal.

Have a lovely day!




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