Review I – Lesson 56 – Review Lessons 26-30

Keys to this Review and Lesson

Review I – Instructions (Repeated for today’s Lesson-Lesson 56)

For today we look at our attack thoughts and we perceive threatens us. We learn that our real thoughts will teach us about our inheritance. We practice that above all else we want to see and want to see differently everything around us, in us.  We will allow truth to be given us this day. We are looking past this world to that which reflects the Love of God. We also see that God is everywhere and in everything. Nothing changes the truth. I have never left the Mind of God.

Lesson 56
(26) My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.
(27) Above all else I want to see.
(28) Above all else I want to see differently.
(29) God is in everything I see.
(30) God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

5 more days of review periods.
Each covering 5 lessons.

Each has comments that you are to utilize in your review practice periods.

Exercise for the Review Lessons

Begin the day reading the five ideas from Lessons 26-30 and the included comments.
Practice with eyes closed in a quiet space.
Practice each one throughout the day as often as possible.
2 minutes or more for each practice period.
If one stands out to you more than the others it is okay to practice that particular one more.
At the end of the day review all five ideas again.

As you practice focus on the central point as you think about it in relation to the idea.

It is really helpful to journal as you do the daily lessons. Much can be revealed to you when you put pen to paper and just allow the flow of insights come into the mind. You may find that this is a helpful tool.


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