Lesson 44 – God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.

Keys to this Lesson
We continue yesterday’s lesson.
We cannot see in darkness and we cannot make light.
We make darkness and think that we can see, but truly we are not seeing.

Jesus tells us that we need to recognize that the light is within us.
We cannot see outside of us.
Vision is possible as we continue to practice.

In today’s lesson we will be practicing reaching the light.
It may seem difficult but you have been training for this moment today.
You can do this.
Take your time and follow the instruction for the exercise.
If you forget, gently remind yourself to continue.


3 Practice Periods
3-5 minutes each.
Longer time recommended but reduce if feel sense of strain.

This practice is the most natural and easy one for the trained mind just as it will seem unnatural for the untrained mind.

The good news is that your mind is no longer wholly untrained.
You are ready now to learn today’s form of exercise.
You may find though stronger resistance.
Why would you feel stronger resistance?
Because today we are leaving behind everything that we currently believe and all the thoughts that we have made up.
Today’s practice is a release from hell.

If you can just step away from the ego for just a moment you will see how meaningless and how fearful it really is.
Remind yourself that reaching the light is your escape from darkness.

Begin the practice by repeating today’s idea with your eyes open.
God is the light in which I see.
Close your eyes slowly repeating the idea several times more.

Now sink into your mind, let go of every distraction and interference that may arise.
You are quietly sinking past them.
Try not to attach to any thought or image that may pop up.
You mind cannot be stopped unless you choose to stop it.
Observe your thoughts and move quietly past them.

Remind yourself how important this practice is today.
It has great value to you.
Remind yourself  that you are attempting something very holy.
Salvation is yours.

If you find resistance, pause to repeat today’s idea with eyes closed unless you feel a sense of fear.
If you feel fear, open your eyes briefly.
Return then to closed yes.

If you start to experience some relaxation know that you are doing the exercises correctly.
You may feel that you are approaching the light.
Light is formless and without limit as you pass by your thoughts of this world.
Do not give power to the thoughts that would bind you to the world.

Additionally, repeat the idea today very often, with eyes either open or closed depending on what feels right to you.
Do not forget.
Jesus adds that we be very determined not to forget today.

If you do forget, practice as soon as you remember.
Do not judge yourself.
Gently bring your mind back to the practice.


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