Lesson 43 – God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.

Keys to this Lesson
God is the realm of knowledge and perception is not an attribute of God.
The Holy Spirit is the mediator between the two.
Without the Holy Spirit in our minds, perception would have taken the place of knowledge.
The Holy Spirit purifies our perception so that we may enter into knowledge.
This is the Holy Spirit’s function.

Perception has no function in God.
Perception does not exist.
Perception though here can assist us in our salvation.
It is not a bad thing.
It can simply be used to assist us in making us aware of how holy we are.
Perception itself has no meaning.
Holy Spirit can use it though to give us a meaning close to God’s.
Healed perception is how we forgive our brother and he, himself.

We cannot see apart from God because we are not apart from Him.
We think with Him.
We do with Him.
We see with Him.


3, 5 minute practice periods.
One early in the day, the other as late as possible and the third during a convenient time for you during the day.
Repeat the idea for today with eyes open.
Glance around you for a short time, apply to what you see.
4 or 5 subjects is sufficient.

God is my Source. I cannot seek this desk apart from Him.
God is my Source. I cannot see that picture apart from Him.

Select the subjects indiscriminately.
During the second phase which is a little longer, close your eyes, repeat the idea and then let relevant thoughts come to mind.

I see through the eyes of forgiveness.
I see the world as blessed.
The world can show me myself.
I see my own thoughts, which are like God’s.

Any thought will do unless it is in direct opposition.

If your mind wanders or have oppositional thoughts to today’s idea or even if you cannot think of anything, open your eyes, repeat the first phase of the exercise period, then attempt the second phase again.
Don’t allow yourself to get distracted and preoccupied with irrelevant thoughts.
Return to the first phase of the exercise as often as needed.

In the shorter practice periods, use the following to whatever situations you come across today.

With someone else:
God is my Source. I cannot see YOU apart from Him.
Use with strangers as well as people close to you.

If anything distresses you, use:
God is my Source. I cannot see THIS apart from Him.

If nothing is presented, just use the idea in its original form.
Try to remember to do this today as often as possible.


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