Lesson 41 – God goes with me wherever I go.

Keys to this Lesson
This idea helps us to overcome the loneliness and abandonment that we may feel.
Because at some level we feel separated, we will feel depression, anxiety, worry, helplessness, misery, suffering and fear of loss.

Here in the world we think we can solve the problem of how we feel except we do not look at the root of it which is that we believe that the separation occurred.

Jesus assures us that deep within us is everything that is perfect. That it will cure everything that we feel, the sorrow, the pain, the fear and the loss.
It would heal the mind.

We cannot be deprived because our Source goes with us.
We cannot suffer because our Source is with us.
Joy is with us.
We are not alone and we can have peace because God is with us.

We think that it is a dark cloud but today’s practice will assist us in moving past the cloud and into the light.

1 long practice period.
In the morning as soon as you get up, sit quietly for 3-5 minutes with eyes closed.
Repeat today’s idea slowly.
Make no effort to think of anything.
Turn inward and past all the thoughts.
Allow the thoughts to simply move on by.
Repeat the idea if you find it helpful to refocus your attention.

This is quite like meditation using a mantra.

Jesus tells us that we are approaching reality when we do this and that we can reach God because it is natural.
The way is open if we believe it to be so.

Use the idea throughout the day, repeating it slowly with eyes closed.
Think of what you are saying.
Concentrate on the holiness that is implied.
You are protected always.
You can laugh at fear because God goes with you.


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