Lesson 35 – My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

Keys to this Lesson

Jesus tells us in today’s lesson that this idea is not how we see ourselves now, yet it is something that we can attain.
We may find it difficult.

We will believe we are part of where we think we are. He makes that clear to us.
We surround ourselves with what we want and believe.
We protect this image so tightly.
Yet it is still just an image.
This is not vision.

This idea for today is a different view.
We are establishing SOURCE which is that of God and then we are establishing who we really are in truth.

Jesus tells us that we are making the emphasis today on ourselves, the perceiver, rather than what we perceive.

3, 5 minute practice periods.
Repeat idea to yourself.
Close your eyes.
Search your mind for descriptive terms in what you see yourself.
Include everything that crosses your mind whether they are positive or negative.
All are equally unreal.
Why? Because we do not look upon ourselves as holy.

As we are practicing the mind searching, we might have negative attributes about ourselves come to mind followed by positive or even self-inflating ideas.
The direction that we follow on these fantasies about ourselves does not matter.
Illusions have no direction because they are nothing.

Here are the examples that Jesus gives us for this lesson:
I see myself as imposed on.
I see myself as depressed.
I see myself as failing.
I see myself as endangered.
I see myself as helpless.
I see myself as victorious.
I see myself as losing out.
I see myself as charitable.
I see myself as virtuous.

These ideas will come to mind as we are thinking about the people, places and events in our lives.
Name whatever or whomever it may be.
Then apply the idea for the day.

I see myself as angry.
But my mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

As you practice you may find that you are blank and are receiving no thoughts to use.
Don’t force or strain yourself with it.
Just relax and repeat the lesson:
My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

It is important not to make unnecessary effort.

Also remember to use the idea frequently throughout the day when any attributes that you ascribe to yourself pop into your mind.
Apply the idea and the second part:

I see myself as lacking.
But my mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

If you find yourself with nothing coming to mind, once again, just slowly repeat the idea to yourself with eyes closed.


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