Hi everyone,

I see only the past.


Well, today’s lesson is helping us to see that nothing I look upon means anything, I have given it all the meaning it has for me, I do not understand it, these thoughts I have about it mean nothing, I am never upset about anything I see, what I see isn’t even there and finally, to wrap it all up with a bright red bow, Jesus states, I SEE ONLY THE PAST.

OK, so let me give you an example.  I will earnestly try to be brief.

Gracie, our precious dog, is 11.  She has knee issues, luxating knee caps, and arthritis in her right elbow.  She sleeps a lot.  Bill and I have had four dogs, all of whom lived to be 16 or 17.  As Gracie gets older, I find I bring all of their issues, our last two had innumerable that broke our hearts, into the mix.

I look at Gracie and not only acknowledge she’s getting older and seemingly slowing down, I bring our shattering past with our other dogs into play too.

Oh, so much fear as I am focused on the past with them and fearing there will be a very painful future for Bill and me with our beloved doggie.

Jesus’ point today is as long as we’re focused on the past and give everything all the meaning it has for us and get UPSET in any form with anything or anyone with whom we have a past, then we will experience the ill effects of the ego’s thought system.  Despair, depression, sadness, rage, attack, defense, separation, isolation, loneliness.

If we focus on the NOW, releasing the past and its meaninglessness unless there were love involved, fear of the future is automatically released too.  We are in the timelessness, spacelessness of the present moment.

Remember, this is mind training, go easily, gently, lovingly as you move forward.  Ask Jesus or the Holy Spirit or God to join you as you practice.  I do!

And, for goodness sake, DO NOT beat yourself up if you forget to apply it three or four times.

The ego will join your practicing and if it can sabotage you, it will do so.  It wants to predominate, survive, flourish.

How’s that worked for us?

OKAY, so much for short and sweet.

I love you all,



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