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I decided I would share a few paragraphs on Lesson 30 from Ken Wapnick’s Journey through the Workbook of ACIM as I have found his perspective extraordinarily beneficial, if you do not, just gently notice your resistance to the thoughts I now share:

“Our existence is predicated on the truth of what we are so sure is reality.  We do not want to be told there is another way of looking, because it is obvious Jesus is not talking about another way of looking at a table.  That is just an exercise to help us realize there is another way of looking at ourselves.  Once again, as you practice these lessons, thinking about them and mediating, try to get in touch with the fear that comes from understanding what they are saying.  It is helpful to look back and see how your life has been built as a defense against what you believe is the problem: how to survive as an innocent victim in a harsh world.  Jesus teaches us there is another way of looking at absolutely everything, but this vision comes at a price: replacing our victimized self – buttressed by a lifetime’s accumulation of defenses – with a self that can be truly defenseless, “protected” by the innocence that is the reflection of Heaven’s sinlessness.”

“Jesus is teaching us now about “a new kind of ‘projection’” (extension), in which we take the love we first looked at within – the Love of Christ we are, the love of Jesus to which we can relate – and have it extend so we see it all around us.  Importantly, we do not see love as separate from us as we do when we project our guilt, wherein we must see the guilt in someone other than ourselves——intrinsic to the purpose of projection.  Christ’s Love, which is first seen within, is now experienced in everyone else, regardless of the veils of fear and hate unconsciously used to conceal it.  Again, we experience this love in everyone because we have first experienced it in ourselves.  The shift Jesus is discussing is the shift to our right minds——from the ego’s projection of guilt to the Holy Spirit’s extension of forgiveness—-and is key to the practice of ACIM.”

“Everything we perceive are our projected thoughts.  The only thing that is important, then, is getting in touch with the source of these thoughts—-the ego or the Holy Spirit.  This is the ultimate purpose of these exercises and of ACIM itself.”

I think I will share my own experience of PA (practical application) under separate cover.

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