Hi everyone,

This lesson is only two paragraphs, but it is a lollapalooza of one, isn’t it?

Jesus introduces the need for us to lay all emotionally charged meaning aside, any feelings we ascribe to any meaning we give to anything, and just practice.

To be indiscriminate in our practicing with no judgment.  I can easily look at an inanimate object and apply it as I do not understand it, most items in the family room upstairs where I practice the lessons have no emotional charge in particular.  A photograph of a loved one might be the exception, I suppose.

But…my beloved doggie, Gracie, our 11 year old Lhasa Apso, my dear, sweet and treasured companion and “girlfriend”, “hell” no, I cannot easily state I do not understand her or this.

I resist applying it to her and that’s the whole point, I notice my resistance because I am convinced I understand her purpose in my husband’s and my life.  This means I don’t want to be openminded, I don’t want to learn, I don’t want the Holy Spirit or Jesus or God to help me undo all past associations, etc.  I want it my way, I want my individuality, I want to remain separate as I know what certain things mean even though I have practiced the first two lessons in a diligent manner.

Oh dear me, I see that even though I have been through the WB multiple times, there are still blocks to my awareness of Love’s presence, the whole objective of our studying the Course, asking for help in removing the terror of losing our individuality and finally joining with God and everyone and everything for peace and joy and happiness….regardless of external circumstances, whatever they may be.  And how dire they may seem to be in form.

Much love,



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2 thoughts on “Thoughts with Gayle: Lesson 3

  1. Gayle,

    I certainly resonate with your comments about not wanting to remove your emotional connection with your dog. ( Such a cute lovable face after all!).

    I currently don’t have a similar attachment to any other living being or person in particular however I have difficulty with applying this to the meaning of my life! Perhaps that goes beyond the lesson but I can see how I can get attached to how significat my achievements and all of the “honorable” accomplishments in my past. But I should consider that perhaps they were significant! What does that mean for today? Do my past achievements define me? Is that who I am? I do know that my actions reflect to I am. Perhaps if I paid attention to those actions, I would know.

    Bob Watson

    1. Hey there, I am sorry it took so long to respond, Bob. OK, well, my relationship with Gracie sure reflects specialness in all its forms. Your attachment to past achievements is the same thing, different form, same content. Just as I am very attached to the “good stuff” relating to my professional career, I am also mired in regrets and remorse, wishing I had been a better leader/manager/motivator, whatever, throughout my tenure as an HR professional. It’s all the same, really, sure, I get confused with form and content all the time, especially with individudals to whom I am attached, could be in a loving manner as well as those who push ALL my buttons, or in the case of Gracie, I have nothing but the purest form of unconditional love for her or so I think. However, when she is sick/ill/hobbling around, I do worry and to the nth degree. Not certain if my response is at all helpful, but I am so happy you posted, keep it up!!! Love, Gayle

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