Good morning!

Chicago is ALL over the news with the pronouncement that it is colder here than in Alaska and Antarctica, go figure, huh?  But my goodness, it is freezing here and it is so easy to go down the slippery slope of feeling trapped!

OK, enough of that.

This is among my favorite lessons, always has been.

When I think about the preceding ones, Lesson 23, escaping the world I see by giving up attack thoughts, Lesson 24, by having them, I cannot perceive my own best interests much less those of anyone else and the next one, Lesson 25,  how on earth could I possibly understand what anything is for if I am consumed with attack thoughts?, well then, Lesson 26 is in the perfect sequence of our learning process, isn’t it?  Gosh, what a long, run-on sentence, forgive me.

After I had read today’s lesson on our daily WB lesson call, I used the nine minutes or so we had to meditate before I wrapped it up by applying this lesson.  Jesus recommends six practice periods.  Mine consisted of two areas of concern.  The first is I need/have to /must/better get my posterior in gear to clean today.  My fear of what might happen looked like this:  I am afraid I will put it off again, I am a lazy “…”, fill in that blank, I just don’t want to do it and will sabotage myself, I will never clean the house again.  I will continue to believe I am a miserable, pitiful human being.  Ah, and then, I am afraid Jesus/Holy Spirit will not help me with this.  OK, so the thoughts are a bit dark, but I AM NOT HOLDING BACK at all as I am increasingly aware of what the ego does.  Vicious, suspicious, relentless, crucifying in its indictments and yet, we listen to ITS voice, insane, don’t we? I wasn’t addressing what we humans might identity as a “life or death” issue, one of significance, I was addressing my concern my house if full of dust, etc.  Sounds pretty trivial, but it isn’t.

There is no hierarchy of illusions and NO ORDER OF DIFFICULTY IN MIRACLES!  When we categorize, we divide, all ego.  OK, to move on.

SOOOOO…each fear of what might happen is self-attack, OMG, isn’t that HUGE?  Think about it.  Every thought I have, you have, that isn’t of LOVE, isn’t from SOURCE is self-attack.

My second concern I won’t bore you with as yesterday’s email was far too long and I will make a more concerted effort not to do that as I realize many of you work full-time, are raising families, etc.

OK, so practice today, I will too.  And as we join with Him throughout our practice periods, we remember we are extending love to one another and the Sonship in so doing.

Much love to all of you, always!


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