Hi everyone,

Well, today’s lesson is a short one, however, it is a powerhouse of one!

One of the first authors on ACIM, Tara Singh, both Rev. Deb and I have read his books, many are now out of print, I think, and he wrote an entire book way back when on the first five lessons!

My loving advice then is to just practice as directed and try not to underestimate how meaningful each and every lesson is.  As Ken Wapnick writes, another most, if not the most, prolific author on ACIM, ACIM is like written as though it were a symphony.  Jesus speaks to a particular topic, drops it, brings it back, etc.  The first 50 lessons pave the way for the longer lessons to help us, in the most gentle and loving manner, decrease the resistance we have to applying the Course to everything and everyone.

I have been at this for a while, doesn’t matter how long really, what matters is do I have an open mind and heart today?

Am I willing to practice the lessons as directed?

Am I making time to do so?

In general, am I making time for stillness and peace rather than to be swept away by the ego’s endless list of THINGS I HAVE TO DO OR ELSE?  So silly.

Love to all,



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