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I just read Rev. Deb’s post, please do so when you have a few moments, it is excellent and spot-on about NOT being anal or too intense about practicing as it will then be ritualistic or robotic.  This is not the objective of our practicing.

OK, I just referenced Kenneth Wapnick’s Journey through the Workbook Lessons to assure my post could be meaningful this morning.

As you recall or not, he is the most prolific author of books/DVDs, etc., on ACIM.  He had a very loving and tight bond with Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, the former, she who heard the words of Jesus through internal dictation, and the latter, he who significantly assisted/facilitated the editing, etc. before the Course were brought forth.

Ken also helped with editing, assigning chapter and section headings, etc., and was a dear, beloved friend of Helen’s with whom he spent much quality time.

Anyhow, like Rev. Deb, he urges us NOT to look for light around our images as that is not at all the point of this lesson.  He writes that seeing edges of light around objects was originally intended for a friend of Helen and Bill’s.  Jesus frequently offered the two of them advice and, occasionally, did so for friends of theirs as well.

He encourages us understand the references to light in terms of content…meaning the light of understanding or vision that you may experience as you practice this or any other lesson.

What this signifies to me is that I don’t have to get any lesson, I don’t have to push to get any lesson, I don’t need to ALLOW the ego to direct my practice.

If we are NOT careful, the ego will tell us the following:

You are doing it wrong.

What’s the matter with YOU?  You are NOT seeing edges of light or experiencing light episodes?

You may as well abandon this nonsense, you’re failing!

Do not listen to ITS voice, it wishes you nothing but ill will, IT feels threatened and will do what IT can to thwart your practice.

Ah….makes sense to me.

Have a wonderful day!




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