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Interesting lesson, we are admonished to not give any thought to “A meaningless world engenders fear because I think I am in competition with God” other than at the conclusion of our three or four practice sessions.


Well, because we are being taught to release our need to understand, analyze, access, read more, do more, talk more, we are being led on a journey to trusting in the strength and love of God.

I just found out that our beloved niece, Lindsay, is pregnant with their first child.  She’ll be 35 next month, got married about 18 months ago, and we are all delighted.  She is my twin sister’s youngest daughter among three, and after a shattering experience with a guy she thought she would marry, she moved here from Washington, DC.  She lived with us for nine months and then off she went to live alone downtown.  She’s worked now for us in our business for the last over six years and has truly become like a daughter to us.  A daughter we never had as we have no children and she lost her Dad when she was two years old.

Interesting how much meaning I attach to all of this.

Crazy, really.

All specialness.

And by this I mean that since I do attach so much deep and profound meaning to her being in our lives and so seemingly significantly, I am afraid that loving bond will be threatened by their extremely busy lives, they both work for us, Rich, her husband, is a sales associate.  Now that they’re expecting a baby, my fear/terror/apprehension is that I will fade into the distance as they have tons of friends from high school and college as well as families, including us, who adore them and are celebrating the baby’s impending birth.

How does this relate to this lesson?

Am I trusting in holy relationships, that is, those that are transformed from specialness to holiness?  Am I trusting the God is with me and I need not FEAR any change in the bond Lindsay and I have since I have ascribed all the meaning it has for me anyway?

What if I were to simply release any fears I have around what may happen or could happen as they move on with their lives as parents and simply loved them?

Today’s lesson triggers so much thought for me.  Only God’s meaning exists.  When I ascribe meaning to anything or anyone, fear emerges, fear is engendered because the ego has does its work with me.

I have listened to its voice and not that of God.

So silly, such a vicious cycle and “Seek and do not find”, so much seeming time wasted being upset about the possibilities.

OH….almost forgot, note Lesson 5, I am never upset for the reason I think.  How fascinating to think about the subsequent lessons as Jesus lays out why we are never upset for the reason we think.

We are ONLY upset because we assign meaning, judgment, categorization, distinction, differences to everything we see and if life doesn’t go our way, we become upset.

Need I write more about this?

I think not.

Much love,



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