Lesson 8

I am preoccupied with past thoughts. Indeed! Who isn’t?  We’re constantly thinking about SOMETHING and usually related in some way to the past. Even if it’s a concern for the future, it is always based in the past.

Because of the focus on the past, I can never be truly “here”. I am in a misty fog trying to see but the fog is too thick for me to see anything. I wrap my mind in illusions instead of allowing  the light to dismiss the fog.

And today I feel foggy indeed. I want to say that I am picking up my husband’s cold, yet what is that based on? I believe what I am experiencing is the precursor to a cold. Then it expands to many more thoughts. The mind rattles on about the tasks I need to complete, the class I need to teach at my studio, and other work piling up around the house I’d like to complete. How do I know anything?

With this lesson we train our minds to realize we are not thinking at all. What?! As Jesus tells us though, these seeming thoughts we have some 60-90,000 a day only distract us from the truth and the Thought of God.

Practice as written so that you can begin to free your mind. Even use the thoughts, “I seem to be thinking about how I don’t understand this lesson.” Or “I seem to be thinking how other can do the lessons better than me and I feel unintelligent.”

But my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.


Rev. Deb


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