I see only the past. What a concept to us if we are taking it as we have never read this lesson before. In fact, in this moment I am starting fresh and clean and not with 28 years of experience, right? Otherwise I am bringing the past into the moment!

I can see this with someone I briefly interacted with the other day. This person I had met once before and at that time was friends with someone that I had an adversarial relationship. Not so much on my part, but this friend had said at one time “I don’t like your personality,” among other unusual statements.

Anyhow, seeing this person again, not only did I remember what the friend had said and done, but even too this person seem rather rude to me. My mind started to question, to make assumptions and even judgments.

In all, I was not seeing this person as a new experience. I layered the past upon them. Amazing when I hardly even know this person at all besides two short encounters!

The rational Jesus gives us in regards to the cup helps us to see where we are heading. Once again don’t linger over analyzes the why’s and what for’s, just use the lesson as written.

I don’t see anything as fresh and new in the moment. I always have some attachment to the past. We will learn more about this as we continue our practice.

Rev. Deb


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts with Deb: Lesson 7

  1. I see nothing but the past! In the moment when I am a upset, ( And I think it is what you said to me that a has upset me!), If you told me that I was thinking in the past I would have doubted it! I like to think that I am a person that is in the moment! However when I explained to someone else why I think I am upset, It often sounds ridiculous or irrational! When it makes no sense coming back to me, That’s when I know that what I’m really upset about is something in me or some belief in me from the past that I have not gotten rid of! Funny how those little critters from the past seem to come out of nowhere, In between the cracks in the wood work like cockroaches! “Where did that come from?”, I have said often in those circumstances! It’s a clue that whatever I’m looking at in the present is not it. It’s that 5 pound sack that I continue to carry with me the matter where I go! You never know when you’re gonna need something that’s in that sack that will help you to beat yourself up! I always wanna be ready to do that!
    Otherwise how would I know how to respond? Perhaps there’s a new way!

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