Lesson 5 – I am never upset for the reason I think.

We’re learning to counteract what we are feeling with today’s idea. We think we know for a fact why we are upset (angry, sad, jealous, afraid, etc.) when in truth we do not. We practice as written. There is no need to analyze it (once again). Simply accept that all upsets, big or small, disturb my peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter if the feeling over an event even seems silly or irrational, for example: “I am disappointed because I have a long list of tasks to do today and I’d rather do something else.” Or “I get concerned if I don’t have enough time to rest.” Or, “This business client is frustrating me with all their demands and it is overwhelming.”

Yes, it seems here on the surface that well, yes, I am upset, pissed off, tired or whatever the case may be. However, the instructions are that I apply “I am not disappointed for the reason I think” or I am not concerned for the reason I think” or “I am not frustrated and overwhelmed for the reason I think.”

This holds true for relationships of any kind. For example in my world, “ I am not anxious over what is unfolding in a family member’s life for the reason I think” or “I am not sad that my friend hasn’t been in communication for a long time, for the reason I think.”

I know I have to remember to withdraw the gavel of judgment from my own life. Remember, we are starting fresh and anew. Never mind how long or how little you have been studying the Course. It is the willingness and openness that is optimal here.

Don’t judge yourself for being upset (in whatever form). Use the lesson and it will assist you in releasing the bonds of the ego more and more. It is our own judgment that keeps us from moving forward in ACIM principles and practice. Do the lessons with love and kindness and you will reap the benefits.

With Love,
Rev. Deb


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