Thoughts on Lesson 28

“Above all else I want to see—differently”

With today’s lesson, I do not want to see or experience anything or anyone from the perspective of the past. I solely desire to open my mind to the present. When I shift my focus to the past and only the past, I cannot experience vision at all. How can I when the heavy, dark veil of the past is concealing the truth from me?

I do wish to make this commitment as it is a commitment to moving beyond what the ego has taught me to what Holy Spirit can teach me about myself and about God.

As I shared recently to our Thursday class on “What is the Ego, the Body, & the World?” with a piece from Ken Wapnick, Jesus asks us to consider the goal that our studying of ACIM is to remove “the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence.” We have to see these blocks first before the blocks can be removed from our “eyes.” We are to seek and find the barriers to love. Otherwise, if we only focus on the love, we can enter the realm of bliss-ninny.

Now remember what Jesus asks us here. We have to see that the blocks are there. We still walk this world, so the blocks are indeed there.

The ego has quite the strategy of defending its thought system. It is done through camouflage as it attempts to cover up the truth. It is sly in how it will trick us such as not being a good Course student to being a poor one. You see, if we continue focus on one aspect, it is making the other aspect real. Such as, “holy men” who take to caves thus denouncing the world. By the fact they denounce the world, they are suggesting it is still real. These are the schemes of the ego that we are to offer vigilance of our mind.

Now, for me this morning in my practice I had memories of certain individuals I have known in my lifetime appear in my mind. These were not “good” memories. These were people who I had believed in some way harmed me be it by betrayal, injury, dishonesty, or otherwise validated mistrust in them. Yet this was in the past. How do I know them now? Even if one of the occurrences were only several months ago? How can I know that they are still the same bitter person? Isn’t that my assumption? Am I seeing this person as they are now in the present with God? No, I am seeing only the false. I am seeing my attack thoughts. I am seeing the grand wall of separation. This wall of separation can be demolished by remembering “Above all else I want to see differently.”

Rev. Deb

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