Above all else I want to see.

Repeating this statement thwarts the desire to see things from my ego. When this idea is consistently repeated anytime a judgment or the temptation as such occurs, reminds me I can have true vision and bless others.

Even so far this morning, I have had opportunities to remind myself of this.

From the physical pain I had through the night (Drat! This again), to the sounds of my grandson’s footsteps behind me as I started to type this (Why is he up at this hour?), to the little bit of work I have to do for the lessons and our study group this morning (Will I get the podcast recorded and other items complete before our granddaughter awakes and without interruptions?) to the winter storm and bitter cold that is arriving tonight (What an inconvenience!), to all the other thoughts, feelings and opinions that run through my mind.

All of this though is seeing in the world. This world blocks my view of true vision. It is my thoughts that hold this world in place. These minor “issues” today are just the tip of the iceberg.

There is no sacrifice in this today. Vision has no cost to anyone. It can only bless.

Do I want to see above all else? We are to ask this question to ourselves. Yes I do if I want peace of mind.

Rev. Deb

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