You see attack as a real threat.

Who doesn’t see attack as a real threat here in this world?

The question I ask myself is, “What am I trying to protect?”

I built these walls illusory brick by illusory brick in an effort to keep myself safe and secure from attack. I built these walls too to keep God at a distance. Now I learn, the attack is not on the outside, or from God Himself, as we’ll learn soon in our daily lessons. It is I, I am the one that attacks. It stems from my own thoughts.

The fear confounds us. I think I can be harmed or injured so I am afraid most of the time. Here though, I am the only one who attacks myself. It is my thoughts that cause me the pain and the insecurity and the fear of deprivation. I see myself not as God sees me but as the ego sees me.

What am I to the ego but a puppet?

The ego would make me believe that God holds my strings yet it is the ego that does and works those strings expertly. God has created me to be free and to share in the One Life with Him.

As I practice, I name the situation, I look at what I am afraid will happen, and then I see that the thought is an attack upon myself.

My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

Today I will change my mind. Today I will realize that what I think is an attack upon myself whenever fear, concern or worry enters in.

Peace,  Rev. Deb

P.S. Listen to my Living the Lessons podcast episode for this lesson as I expanded a little more on what I wrote here. See link below.

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