How can I know anything? I think I know. That’s the trouble I get into, “I think.” It’s my thinking that distracts me from the truth. As we learn here, I only perceive the world and everything I deem meaningful in terms of what the ego wants. It wants to build its citadel to preserve and protect itself from God.

Also shared here is the idea of purpose as it uses the example of the telephone. We know what a telephone is for, yet we do not know why we are contacting the person. We think we do. There’s that “I think” again. If I want to learn a new way of thinking and being, then I have to be willing to give up all meaning and the “I think’s” that have run my life. Here once again, being open to the process.

Be sure to listen to the podcast episode for today. I keep the episodes rather short as I expand on what I have written here. So far the episodes are under 5 minutes.

Rev. Deb

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