We remember to continue to attend these daily practices as if we have never seen these lessons or ideas before. We come fresh and clean. Our minds can be quick to lay upon these lessons old ideas and philosophies we have learned from past studies either of the lessons themselves or other spiritual material. Here, we embrace each lesson as is and building on the lesson before.

Today we incorporate more structure. See this as something that will be extremely helpful in your practice.

For me, these lines are of particular value, “You want salvation. You want to be happy. You want peace,” To me, it means, for one, that this is true. I do want salvation, happiness, and peace.

And if these have value in my heart, I can make a dedication, yes, a determination to these thoughts not only today but every day. This desire is why I am practicing these lessons day in and day out. I am eager to be happy, at peace and experience salvation.

Of course, according to this lesson, I am cautioned that I do not know what true joy or true love is. I believe I do but until my mind is disciplined as a result of these lessons, and over these decades I know I am more disciplined than my initial reading of ACIM, I will not perceive what true love and joy are until I release the barriers that is relayed in the Introduction to the Text. This very aspect is what the lessons are for. It is a process each day for recognizing the pernicious fear and exchanging it for the Love of God. It is this is what I am determined to see.

The fear of the ego is slight and subtle, sometimes barely noticed at all. Yet, it is there. This world is the projection of that fear and all that we witness within it.

So, today we begin a real dedication. Do you want the change of mind necessary to facilitate your healing and reception of peace? Then, be determined to see.

I know I will be keeping this in my mind today.

Rev. Deb

P.S. Listen to my Living the Lessons podcast episode for this lesson as I expanded a little more on what I wrote here. See link below.

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