Lesson 17

In this lesson, I see that I am unaware of any thought that is true and any thought that would make me happy. I think I think happy thoughts. I think I think true thoughts. How can I know for sure when my thoughts always relate a judgment of some sort? I have decided what A or B means so how the hell do I know? What’s so special about the way I see things?

How about within our practice today and I think no accident, “I do not see a neutral wall, because my thoughts about walls are not neutral.” If you are here in the United States at this day and time of the politics of 2019, then you can see how your thoughts may not be neutral about a wall.

The same goes with my throat. I do not see my throat as neutral since it is still hoarse. I have perceptions on that fact. I had to cancel a meditation class last night because of it. What goes on within my mind about that? (I did still record the Living the Lessons podcast episode for today albeit not the most beautiful sounding voice but it helps me to see this lesson.)

Within I carry still the guilt of the seeming separation from God so until that is healed I will see all things from a skewed perception. As I awaken and heal my mind, I will see that what I see always begins in my mind. Time to align my mind with God.

Rev. Deb

P.S. Listen to my Living the Lessons podcast episode for this lesson as I expanded a little more on what I wrote here. See link below.


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