Good morning, dear friends and “mighty companions”,

We are being clobbered with snow in Chicago, temperature has dropped, five inches and more coming have descended and everything looks like a veritable winter wonderland.

Very peaceful, is my mind?

I do all of the HR, accounting, tax, etc., work for our company and I am trying to peacefully wrap up 2018.  My eyes cross after several hours of inputting so many numbers onto Quick Books.

I find myself a bit stressed at the beginning of the year as I attempt to integrate household “duties”, if you will, taking care of Gracie, attending to our business, etc.

Oh dear me, there I go again.

When I think about this lesson and ever so briefly, the lessons that precede it, it is ONLY my thoughts about the above that cause me stress, distress, discomfort and anxiety.

It is because I do not have the confidence that I can pull it all off without my becoming exhausted and overwhelmed, alas, a pattern of behavior, cycle of behavior to which I have been attached for decades.

I still perceive out there, over yonder as they say in North Carolina where my Mom was born and raised….in short, I still think that the “world” is beckoning me/forcing me to attend to all these tasks when it is my thinking that makes it so.  The world meaning Bill, our business, our home, Gracie aren’t forcing me to do or say anything.

It is my own thinking that keeps me stuck.  My belief that I do not have a Source beyond my own pettiness, my own sense of self, etc., that will come to my assistance upon Whom I can count for all things, all things, no matter what I form.

Rev. Deb wrote about the importance of journaling just a few lines every morning as we practice the daily lesson and the criticality, truly, of trust.

This is my journal every morning, my post to all of you.

It is cathartic, therapeutic and cleansing, try it, you may like it.  Just wanted to put in a plug for what she lovingly suggest we all do.

My thinking is the “CAUSE” of whatever I may experience on a given day that is NOT love and peace and the “EFFECTS” are the emotions/feelings I experience when not aligned with the Holy Spirit or Jesus. There is NO other CAUSE than our thinking.  The world CAUSES nothing, the ego just tricks us into believing that it is so to thwart our joining with God.

OK, hope this post helps.  It is always beneficial to me in that it helps me to articulate and clarify my often muddled thinking and interpretation of the lesson.

Much love to all,


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