Hi there,

I was thinking this morning about today’s lesson, short and sweet, but oh so very powerful in its depth.

“I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.”

Of course, I will apply this as directed, that’s a given even when I am actively and strongly aware of my resistance to any one among the lessons.

Today’s, however, is crystal clear to me.

When I see division in our political arena, no matter what my political preferences may be, doesn’t matter, I am not alone in how I see what is occurring in the USA.  Either side, whether I support the government shutdown or I don’t, I will find many who agree with its coming to a screeching halt or those who vehemently oppose it.  We see what we want to see when aligned with ego and, of course, certainly, unequivocally, we believe our perception/perspective/point of view is the CORRECT one, now don’t we?

We may observe self-righteousness on the part of Democrats and Republicans because both sides believe they’re right, period.

Their beliefs and their maintenance are affecting many millions of lives, but beliefs can be like granite and when our politicians dig in, being right, either side, is more important than the good of the whole.

Just sharing my perspective, not wanting AT ALL to ignite ANY form of debate here, that’s not at all my intention.

SO…let me get off this topic.

Yesterday, I took Gracie for a walk at a nearby park.  Near the small doggie enclosure so little ones could run among one another, there was a four feet diameter of smatterings of blood all over the encrusted snow that has not yet melted.  I was so disturbed by this.  My thoughts ran like this:

A coyote got a rabbit.  No…too much blood.

Coyotes fought one another over prey.  No, again, too much blood.

Too much blood for a hawk seizing a squirrel or small mammal.

Long story short, Bill informed me that at dawn at many forest preserve areas/parks, snipers are culling the deer herd.

Ah, that’s what it was.

I feel horrible for the poor deer.  I really did, thought about it all day.  Even shared this with last night’s class participants.

What I witnessed and I assume others like me may have had a similar reaction was highly unsettling, however, I acknowledge that this blood-spattered area was not unnerving as many accepted this as part of many parks’ modis operandi.

In actuality, what I saw was my own mind projecting thoughts of death, destruction, “murder” and abject grief and sorrow on my part, all an integral part of the ego thought system.

Aha, the ego got me.  Rather than to place this acute disturbance on the altar, I let it occupy my insane mind the better part of the day.

And, this my dear friends and “mighty companions”, is why we study and practice the lessons, to have the Holy Spirit undo our misperceptions and urge to divide/separate and judge. We don’t even realize we are doing this and that’s the point.  It is our thoughts that create our perception of the world, end of story.

With a whole lot of love today coming your way,



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