Hi everyone,

I am anxious to get through this lesson.  For some reason, it doesn’t resonate with me.  Perhaps because it’s snowing and quite hard, almost like a rain, here in Chicago and it’s overcast and cold.  So many overcast, seemingly darker, damp and too cold days in this part of the USA.

Alas, I am giving the variability and unpredictability of our weather all the meaning it has for me.  I am upset because I see an inconveniencing world, OK, I got it.

When the weather is like this, it is more of a challenge to drive to the local park, tons of dogs there as it has smaller and larger enclosures for them depending on their sociability and size, and Gracie loves going there.  She almost falls out of the backseat as I ready her for her 30 to 40 minute period of scents and sightings of other dogs.

I have to encumber myself with my heavy down coat, two scarves, boots and warm gloves, I am always cold, and don’t relish being outside for that length of time, however, my love for my little dog is more important than my comfort.

SO…what’s my point?

When I practice today as I look around the room, this sort of bugaboo will emerge, I think I see an inconveniencing world, I think I see a world of powerlessness, I feel powerless over the weather, I allow it to adversely affect my outlook/attitude/perspective, I think I see a world of futility, etc.

Anything as it emerges is suitable fodder for practice.  And remember a loving/happy memory may emerge or you may glance upon a picture that invokes the broadest of smiles, I think I see a loving world, I think I see a happy world, I think I see a memorable world, whether positive or negative, any adjective that occurs to us is suitable for our practices.

Back to my resistance….

I like lessons where I can close my eyes and review whatever is ailing me.  So interesting that I apply meaning to this too.

Applying meaning or judgment can be so subtle and insidious.  I am trying to maintain an open mind and heart by deeply breathing and asking Jesus to help me overcome my inherent resistance to my practice.

I do want His words to be written on the clean slate of my life, patience, dear Gayle, patience.

I love you all,



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