Lesson 8 – My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

Keys to this Lesson

In this lesson’s idea we are realizing why we are seeing only past.

  • We are preoccupied with the past.
  • It may not seem that way, but perhaps if you really think about it, we are preoccupied with the past.

We now start to learn that our thoughts are projected outside of our mind.

  • We learn that we cannot even grasp what the present is.
  • The past is not here.
  • If we are thinking about the past we are thinking about illusions.
  • Can we touch and see a memory? No, it is just a shadow of something we believe occurred. And even so, our memory is faulty with all the events that happened in any certain situation or experience.

Purpose of Exercise

  • Training to mind to recognize when it is not thinking.
  • Truth is blocked when we are thinking meaningless thoughts.
  • We can imagine our thoughts, our past memories, still we are seeing nada.

For the exercise

  • Search the mind for a minute
  • Note thoughts
  • Name the thoughts with the central figure or theme and continue on.

Practice period begins with:

  • I seem to be thinking about __
  • Then name each of the thoughts:
  • I seem to be thinking about the ride home today, about the workshop presenter that I met, about the tiredness that I feel.
  • We end with: But my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

4-5 times today, unless you feel a sense of irritation.

If you feel irritation or any other emotion as you are doing the practice, use the feeling as part of the practice.

I seem to be thinking about how I don’t understand this lesson, about how confusing the Course is, about how other students get this idea faster than me.


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