Lesson 31 – I am not the victim of the world I see.

Keys to this Lesson

We are not THE victim, not A victim as is commonly used in reference to this lesson.
Nothing outside of us, that which is external can affect us in any way.
So that is why today’s lesson is as Jesus says, an introduction to our declaration of release.
We apply this lesson to both our inner and outer worlds.

We continue with a practice which has two aspects of it.
1 – Apply the idea through set practice periods.
2 – Frequent applications throughout the day.

2 – practice periods.
One in the morning, one at night.
3-5 minutes for each.
Look about you slowly as you repeat the lesson 2-3 times.
Afterwards, close your eyes.
Apply to your inner world.

Jesus says that we will escape from both.
Why? Because the inner is the cause of the outer.
Cause and effect.

As you look within, let whatever thoughts cross your mind come into your awareness.
Consider the thought, then move on to the next thought.
No levels or degrees of thoughts.
Watch your thoughts pass by without attachment to any of them.
This would be like a train going by, let each thought be a railcar that stops in front of you and then goes on to the next railcar.

This thought about a project of work that needs to be completed.
This thought about what I’m doing this weekend with friends.
This thought about the national news stories.
This thought about making an appointment for my cat.

This should take a very even pace.
Be calm and quiet as you sit watching the thoughts.
Repeat the idea for today if you feel so inclined.
Remember that there should be no sense of hurry as you do this.

Repeat the idea as often as possible throughout the day.
You are making a Declaration of Independence!
This is for your freedom!
In your freedom lies the freedom of the world.

If you feel any temptation arise throughout the day, with what you see outside of you or feelings you have within, use the idea.
It is there for your benefit.


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