Lesson 28 – Above all else I want to see things differently.

Keys to this Lesson

Today we are applying yesterday’s idea.
If you hadn’t noticed, yesterday’s idea was more like a mantra that we repeated throughout the day.
It was a preparation for today’s practice as it helped us to make the determination that we want to see.
Today’s practice periods will give us a deeper commitment.
Be willing to make the commitment now to your awakening.
With the willingness, Jesus says, you are on your way to keeping your commitments.

He goes on to say to us, well, why is it important to say that – Above all else I want to see this table differently.
In itself it isn’t important.
As we look around us we see separate objects, bodies, places, etc.
We see separation.
Jesus is helping us to no longer see the separation but to see all as one.

When we say today’s idea, we are making a commitment to withdraw everything that we have believed before about what we see.
We are opening our mind to move beyond the past.
We are not limiting what we see when we do this.

Today when we say today’s idea we are making the commitment to see anything and everything differently.

We could gain vision if we could withdraw all of our ideas and beliefs about any one object and look with a completely open mind.
That is what he asks us here.
There is something underneath it all.
What is there is beautiful, clean, of infinite value, full of happiness and hope.
Hidden under my ideas is the real purpose, the real purpose it shares with all the universe.

So in saying today’s idea we are asking to see the purpose of the universe.
Interesting isn’t it?
We think that it is one activity that we are doing when in fact we are opening our mind even more to see what is beyond the veil.

6, 2 minute practice periods.
State idea for the day.
Apply to what you see around you.
Chose objects randomly.
Treat each equally.
Keep your eyes on the object as you say:
Above all else I want to see this guitar differently.
Above all else I want to see that cat differently.
Go slowly and thoughtfully.


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