Lesson 27 – Above all else I want to see.

Keys to this Lesson

This idea is stronger than just plain determination.
It gives vision first priority.
Through your willingness you will demonstrate that you are ready.
You may feel a little apprehensive about today’s idea.
You may be unsure if you really mean it as you practice it.
Jesus tells us that it does not matter.
Just practice the lesson and see that it will bring the truth nearer to you.

You may feel a sense of temptation to believe that you need to sacrifice something when you say – Above all else I want to see.

If you find this to be true, he asks us to say:
Vision has no cost to anyone.

If there is still a fear of loss, we add further:
It can only bless.

Repeat the idea for today at least every 30 minutes.
More if possible, 15-20 minutes.
Set a definite time interval for using the idea when you first wake up and then commit yourself to it throughout the day.
Use a timer or alarm to assist you if needed.
You can even repeat the idea while occupied talking with someone or working at your computer or even driving.

Jesus asks us, How often will you remember?
How much do you want today’s idea to be true?
This is really up to you, if you practice  often then you know that you want the idea – Above all else I want to see. — to be true.
This is not a harsh, fists clenched, I want to see!
Simply it is gentle and open – Above all else I want to see.
You might miss some of the applications.
Don’t be upset by this if you forget, do it when you remember and then make the commitment to continue through the rest of the day.
Jesus tells us that if you can just once during the day be perfectly sincere with the idea then you have saved yourself years of effort.
Imagine that!
Our dedication and sincerity saves us from years of misery.

Additional Thought:
If you find yourself unable to do the lesson due to an illness, or busyness, or travel for pleasure or work, just repeat the lesson when you remember.
You can do the lesson again but be careful that you are not taking a perfectionistic standpoint with it.
If you sense that is why you feel the need to repeat the lesson again or again, then just gently move on to the next lesson.


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