Lesson 26 – My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

Keys to this Lesson

If I believe that I am vulnerable then I believe that I can be attacked.
Very simple.
I see attack as a threat because I believe that I can attack.
So, because I believe that I can attack I believe that the world can too.
My mind is powerful and can be used for a different purpose and that is why we are completing this mind-training.

We fear attack because we project the attack thoughts.
Fearing attack, we think we are not invulnerable.
Attack thought make us vulnerable in our own minds, and that is where the attack thoughts are found. Right there in the mind!
Attack thoughts and invulnerability contradict each other.

Today we are learning that we always attack ourselves first.
What a concept!
But it is true, it is used to weaken us and distort our perception.
Because I believe in attack thoughts, then I can no longer believe in myself.
I have placed a false image in the place of who I truly am.

As we practice, we can see our thoughts bring the effect of what we believe; as he states here, vulnerability or invulnerability.
Nothing except my thoughts can attack me.
Nothing except my thoughts can make me think that I am vulnerable.
And nothing except my thoughts can prove to me that this is not so.

6 practice periods, two minutes each.
Reduce to one minute if discomfort is felt.
Do not reduce to less than a minute.

Repeat idea for today
My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

Then close eyes.
Review unresolved questions whose outcomes cause you concern.
Concern could be: worry, depression, anger, a sense of imposition, fear, foreboding or preoccupation.
Any problem that is unsettled is suitable for today’s practice.
You won’t use very many in a practice period because you need to spend a longer time with each one.

Let me use an example while Rev. Paul was deployed in 2011.
Name the situation: I am concerned about Paul being deployed in Iraq.

What are all the possible outcomes? Say each one:
I am afraid, that someone will shoot down his helicopter, will happen.
I am afraid, that Paul would be killed, will happen.
I am afraid, that Paul would be seriously injured and disabled, will happen.
I am afraid, that I will be left alone, will happen.
I am afraid, that he will have to stay longer in Iraq than previously ordered, will happen.

You should have 5-6 possibilities available to use for practice and possibly more.
Jesus wants us to cover a few situations thoroughly rather than trying to fit many situations into the practice period.
Treat all possibility of outcomes the same.

After you name the outcome, tell yourself:
That thought is an attack upon myself.

Continue until the 2 minutes is complete for each practice period.

Repeat the idea for the day after you complete the practice:
My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.


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