Lesson 24 – I do not perceive my own best interests.

Keys to this Lesson

We think we know what outcome would make us happy in any given situation.
Yet Jesus tells us that basically we know nothing.
We are only perceiving what the best outcome would be but in reality the desires do not serve our own best interests.
How could we know what would serve us best?
Once we realize that we do not know, then we are open to being taught.
If I still hang on to the idea that I think I know then I will not learn.
So willingness comes into play here as we focus on practicing today’s lesson.


5 practice periods.
2 minute mind-searching periods.
Repeat today’s idea.
Search the mind with closed eyes.
Look for situations that concern you.
What is the outcome that you want for these situations?
You have so many goals in reference to the outcome and they most likely conflict.

Name the situation, then list the outcomes you desire.

In the situations involving my friend, I would like “her to call” to happen, and “her to apologize” to happen.

Try to cover as many different outcomes that come to mind even if they do not seem related to the situation.

If you are doing the exercises properly, Jesus tells us that we will recognize that we make a lot of demands and most of those contradict one another.
We become disappointed in our outcome because we have so many goals that we are trying to achieve.

So after listing out all the outcomes for a situation, you then say:
I do not perceive my own best interests in this situation.

Continue until the end of the time period.


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