Lesson 21 – I am determined to see things differently.

Keys to this Lesson

We are building on the previous lesson, I am determined to see.

Jesus sets up specific mind-searching periods in this lesson.
Also apply to situations as they arise.
5 practice periods today, each a full minute.

Repeat the idea to yourself.
Then, close your eyes.
Search your mind for situations either in the past, present or future that bring up anger for you.
The anger could be mild irritation or full blown out rage.
This does not matter. Use it.

We will start to learn that even the slightest irritation is hiding intense fury.

Don’t dwell on one situation or person over another.
Use all thoughts of anger for this lesson.
They are all forms of attack.

After the mind-search, hold the thought in mind while you say,
I am determined to see Newt Gingrich differently.
I am determined to see the crash of the Italian cruise liner and its captain differently.

Be as specific as possible.
You can do this by focusing in on your anger on a particular attribute of a particular person, thus believing that the anger is limited to this aspect.

I am determined to see the cowardice in the Cruise Ship’s Captain differently.

It may be helpful to journal on each lesson.
Ask questions – What does today’s lesson mean to me?
How can I understand it?
Holy Spirit, I ask you to clarify the meaning for me.
How can I apply this lesson in my life right now?
And always end with gratitude for the Holy Spirit’s Wisdom.


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