Lesson 16 –  I have no neutral thoughts.

Keys to this Lesson

Start to let go of the belief that our thoughts have no effect.
Everything we see is because of our thoughts.
Think of a movie projector.
Our thoughts are the film, our eyes the projector onto the screen of the world.
Jesus notes here –
Thoughts are not big, little, powerful, weak.
Either true or false, that’s it.

Every thought you have either extends the truth or multiplies illusions.
Think of that.
100 x 0 is still ZERO.
1000 x 0 is still ZERO, nothing, nada.
Same with 1,000,000 x 0.

We have to recognize that our thoughts bring either love or fear.
Neutral result is impossible.
Our thoughts are not neutral.


Eyes closed.
Search mind for a minute or so.
Do not overlook any thought.
May seem hard but persevere.
EVERY thought is perfect for this application.

Repeat idea to yourself.
I have no neutral thoughts.
This thought about the football game is not a neutral thought.
That thought about my sister is not a neutral thought.

Use the idea when you become uneasy.

This thought about the cruise liner crashing in Italy is not a neutral thought, because I have no neutral thoughts.

4-5 practice periods are recommended.
3 is enough if you feel strained.
Reduce the length of exercise if you experience discomfort.


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