Lesson 15 – My thoughts are images that I have made.

Keys to this Lesson

What we see before us is our thoughts projected outward.
We do not recognize them as nothing or meaningless.
We think we think them, so we think we see them.
Jesus tells us that this is how our SEEING was made.
We gave the body’s eyes this purpose.
We are not really seeing, we are making images, pictures, illusions.

Jesus says this is an introductory idea of image making and our supposed seeing.
We will understand, he says, when we have seen light around familiar objects, ever so subtle at the edges.
This is the beginning of real vision.

Do not be afraid of these light episodes.
They are the sign that we are beginning to awaken.
They symbolize true perception but knowledge.
We are preparing for knowledge by doing these lessons.

The Exercise

Repeat idea to yourself.
Apply to whatever you see.
Use its name as you rest your eyes on it.

My thoughts are images that I have made.
This table is an image that I have made.
That monitor is an image that I have made.
This ring is an image that I have made.
That body is an image that I have made.

A minute or so of practice for each of 3 practice periods.
Idea can be applied as needed.


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