Lesson 10 – My thoughts do not mean anything.

Keys to this Lesson

We will apply to all thoughts that we are aware of.
All of them are NOT our real thoughts.
Do not be concerned with comparisons as yet.

The form is a little different as we say MY thoughts instead of THESE thoughts.
We will not be focusing on anything outside of us.
The emphasis is on the lack of reality of what you think you think.
You are not thinking at all!

This is a correction process
A. I’m aware that my thoughts are meaningless.
B. My thoughts project outward.
C. My thoughts are in the past.
D. Thoughts in my mind tell me that I am not really thinking at all.

Recognition of this is important.

Close your eyes, repeat idea slowly.
My thoughts do not mean anything.
This idea will help me to release me from all that I now believe.

Search your mind for all thoughts, note them, do not judge or make specific selections.
We are watching the thoughts go by with no attachment.
This is as if we are watching a train go by.

My thought about the circus does not mean anything.
My thought about doing the laundry does not mean anything.
My thought about that person who cut me off in traffic yesterday does not mean anything.

Use the idea for today with any thought that upsets you.
5 practice periods, no more than a minute of mind-searching.


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